ever changing viewpoints

Dive into Budapest's hidden narrative with a visual treasure hunt. As you navigate, take a moment to pause and observe the city's life, unfolding far beyond the headlines. It's a narrative that unfolds only for those who look beyond the surface and open to take different perspectives.

the venue

POV Budapest takes place in Buda, Budapest's greener side, within the recently transformed Millenáris Park. This vibrant cultural hub, once an industrial site, now boasts exhibition halls and theaters, all nestled amidst lush greenery.

guided by locals

In partnership with the city's ultimate insider, WE LOVE BUDAPEST, we've curated a guide to unveil Budapest's secret treasures. From thermal spas to cutting-edge cuisine, from hidden bars to avant-garde museums, and not-to-miss events—everything to enrich your visit. No matter the length of your planned stay, our tip is simple: linger a little longer!